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Wanna see the extent of God's world?  To get a small look, peek at:




At this site, you can view God's foundation of space-based existence from one end to another.  In a recent National Geographic magazine, it was stated that the Earth's galaxy (The Milky Way) consisted of 100 billion stars and outside the Milky Way, there are 100 billion other galaxies, each with as many as 100 billion stars.


The link above takes you from a perspective of 10 million light years from the Earth, down to an oak tree of actual size, and then into a microscopic view of the subatomic universe of electrons and protons. Pretty awesome, huh?


The question has been asked many times - "how old is this collection of galaxies?"  The real question is, how long ago was it when there was no time?  The Old Testament tells us that in the beginning that there was no matter, no Earth, no stars, no space.  And then God created space and all the things contained therein. 


Ralph Moore, the original pastor at Hope Chapel in Manhattan Beach CA once noted in a sermon that interesting thing about time is that there is no time without space.  So before there was space there was no time.  God existed in a "world" that had no time, no space. 


Someone once asked if God could make a rock bigger than He could pick up.  The answer to that question is "yes."  If God made a rock that filled up all space, it would be infinite in size and would fill up everything.  And you can't pick up anything up that fills up all space - there simply would be no room for that object to move. Of course I am being facetious and really describing something that cannot be described.  As far as we have been told, God is both non mass (i.e., He exists in a spiritual existence that has no mass and no limits with respect to space. Humans can't understand this because they live in a three dimensional world.  We can surmise that there is at least one other dimension - time.  Time warps and black holes seem to corroborate this thought. Albert Einstein provided a little understanding of this concept this by saying that if man could go as fast as the speed of light, he would expand to infinite mass. Let's extend this thinking to the thought that the there is a borderline somewhere that transitioning from a three-dimensional, space based world to a multi-dimensional world that is spiritual, without space constraints.  And further maybe a to transition one world to the other involves from movement at less than the speed of light to more than the speed of light, this might make sense.  Of course I am making this up as I go along and have no proof that it is true.  But my real point is that in our limited, three-dimensional world, it is difficult to comprehend all aspects of God.


The real point here is that as shown in the link shown above, that God is greater than our abilities allow for total comprehension.  But there are some things we can deduce.  It is obvious from a total system approach to the Bible that God created the world for a purpose.  Starting with the 100 billion stars (we know of that many now, but it could be 100 billion times that) we can then look at how complex the human existence is.  God's challenge was to create a carbon-based, organic creation that would not only move and think, but also reproduce and populate the Earth.  There are something like 136,000 individual components of the genetic helix that are created at conception.  And these components are extended with protein based ingredients into a living, breathing, interacting human that can interact with God in a faith based existence.  And that is the summary one can gain from reading the Bible from cover to cover -- that all the trouble that God took to create humans, the Earth and the Universe is to interact with those things He created.  Simplistically, humans were created to fellowship with their creator and to walk in such a way to please Him with their actions.


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