"Watching The Passion Of The Christ"

Bob McCauley 2/1/04

Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" can easily elicit a wrong response during the scenes where Jesus Christ is being brutally tortured. 


It would be easy to feel bitterness towards the Romans, who delivered the punishment, or the Jews who fostered it.


An additional way to view this would be to have great empathy with Jesus as the film depicts His suffering.


Still another would be to view the film with a thought of it providing an opportunity to evangelize the unsaved. 


While these latter two concepts are reasonable and appropriate, there is another perspective that might deserve consideration. Each lash of a whip happened because of what we have done in our lives to disappoint God.


This understanding is one of the most important contributions to help us please God with our lives. There will perhaps never be another opportunity in this lifetime to experience the impact of what God allowed His Son to go through for our sake.

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