"There Is A Challenge Coming"

Bob McCauley 2/20/04

The world we live in is a funny place.  There are a lot of things going on that aren't obvious.  For instance, if anyone saw the TV special on the Police using bloodhounds to find a missing family, they saw that there is a whole separate world to the bloodhounds.  The TV announcer was saying that a bloodhound can track a car that has come down a highway several days before.  The dog smells the particles of skin that have blown off a person inside a closed automobile and come out the air conditioning vents. A bloodhound's perception of the world is different than a person. 

When a soldier puts on night vision goggles, he sees a different world than that apparent to the naked eye.  Similarly, in the spiritual world, there are many things that are not intuitively apparent to humans - principalities and powers that have great influence over people and events. 

In general, humans are subjected to a free will environment, free from God's control, and of the anti-God, who is known as Satan. But if we get in the way of the overall purpose of either God or Satan, the free will environment can go away. 

The point of this introduction is that the upcoming release of Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ will be a great challenge to the anti-God.  The movie will provide the clearest presentation of what God, through His Son, had to endure to provide the blood sacrifice of atonement (that can make man right with his creator) to more people in a shorter period of time than any other time in history.

But the great truth that will be offered by the movie will also present perhaps the greatest challenge to the anti-God since the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  And with that threatening challenge, there will be a massive retaliation by the anti-God. There will be more scholars who will stand up and challenge both the authenticity of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus than any other time in history. 

The onslaught will surface slowly and rise to a crescendo quickly after the movie is released.  Christians are expecting that the movie will bring a great revival. It looks like that will happen - but not without a full court press by Satan.

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