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"Who Is Jesus?"

Bob McCauley

It is difficult to answer the question “Who is Jesus?” without addressing the question – who is God? Unfortunately, God is also difficult to describe due to His existence in more dimension(s) than we, as Earth inhabitants, can intuitively understand. I see God as being an original entity, without mass, with infinite size, without a concept of time, but with attributes that are described as that which man was made in God's image (i.e., having characteristics of love, hate, affection, concern, etc.).

God had no beginning and has no end, but at a given point in time carved out a warped dimension that became what we know as space. Since time is dependent on space (how far a tuning crystal moves, how far hands on a clock move, etc.) the concept of time appeared when the new dimension of space appeared. The concept and instantiation of space, time, force, acceleration, etc. came from the “creation thoughts” of God. Aside from being omnipotent and omnipresent, God also had an infinite capacity and characteristic of love and purity. It is this infinite capacity of love and purity that shapes everything in the dimension of space.

At some point in the existence of space and time, God created humans and all other living organisms and beings. There were actually two phases of human’s existence. The first phase involved humans being “kept’ by God. Their physical and psychological makeup, along with their environment allowed them to exist in a non-competitive, not striving state where they had very simple rules for living and no concern for “carving a living from the Earth.” Coupled with this state of living, humans were able to live forever, without dying. In phase one, humans were in direct communication with God.

God - being infinite in love, lavished the concept of free will on the human creation, an act which also created an “anti-God entity” which was necessary to provide that element of “not choosing God”. However, the act of “not choosing God” carried a penalty for humans - permanent separation from God. God basically gave man a choice to choose and follow the behavioral aspects of God, or to be permanently separated from God – i.e., permanent death.

In phase two humans were subjected to:

  • Carving a living from the Earth

  • Being subjected to an environment where their lifespan was limited

  • Being out of direct contact with God.

As water can have a triple point of existence as ice, water and gas at the same time, God is represented in the concept of man as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is that which I just described above. The Holy Spirit is that essence of God that exists in and influences the mind of man. The Son, Jesus Christ, is that representation of God that walked the Earth as a righteous man (i.e., followed the behavioral aspects of God perfectly) and served as a propitiation for the consequence of people not doing the same.

God basically said that man must live a perfect life to earn an existence of existing forever with the God who is perfect. By God taking a form of a human, He was able to absorb all consequences of the human’s decision to break God’s rules, which made him imperfect and therefore unable to be in the existence of a perfect God. When God’s incarnation Who was living on Earth was killed by humans on Earth, the price or penalty of eternal death was paid in full. To take advantage of this “price-paying” act by God, humans only have to make an explicit choice to accept this act on their behalf.

So, based on the information above, Jesus Christ is God, and is also God’s representation of living as a human on Earth, with the purpose of providing the required payment to overcome the judicial sentence imposed on humans as a consequence of them making a choice to break God’s original rules.

Additionally, Jesus Christ will make an additional appearance when the Earth will be destroyed and become fashioned into a new existence.

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